One for the Asking   by Bill Llewellyn

One for the Asking is my first CD, and is a collection of compositions which I had been piecing together over a period of about 10 years. Once I discovered that I could make these pieces materialize in full ensemble form using MIDI equipment and a computer, I began work in earnest to arrange, produce, and record enough tracks for a full album. The work received many positive responses from people who heard the album in its initial cassette form. Encouraged by One for the Asking's reception, I bolstered my MIDI studio with some better gear and began working on Think Twice, my second CD.

One for the Asking was as much a growing experience for me as it is a musical experience for the listener. My MIDI setup was relatively basic (though very capable) at the time and my finesse in assembling music with the keyboard/computer combination was (and is) still growing. The compositions are fairly straightforward with cleanly delineated instrumentation. A few of the pieces were also intended to have lyrics -- but since my MIDI studio had no provision for the recording of vocals, I put forward just the music and let it speak with its own voice.

Song List (with samples):

  1. Run to His Side (4:53) 
  2. Old Folks’ Home (5:02)  (listeners' choice)
  3. No Time to Hurry (5:10) 
  4. Latin Blast (3:07)  (listeners' choice)
  5. Processional (2:30) 
  6. My Farewell (3:37) 
  7. Incidental Samba (4:18) 
  8. Sam Slippery (2:28) 
  9. Trapped (3:37) 
  10. Song in the Air (2:40) 

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