Bill's Musical Background & Profile

Musical style - instrumental; classic rock, blues/rock, "adult contemporary", country
Instruments - keyboards (piano, organ, synthesizer), bass guitar, rhythm guitar, MIDI sequencing, pedal steel guitar
Fortés - Merging music and technology, sound production, recording, instrumentation, computers
Favorites -
I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner, Broken Wings by Mr. Mister
My musical tastes formed back during the Beatles era, but now they range from rock to jazz to country. I've played piano from my earliest recollections, when I used to crawl up on the piano bench at my home and try to mimic melodies I'd heard. Playing by ear has always been my preferred venue. I took piano lessons in 4th grade, but resisted practicing and backed away from further lessons (unfortunately). I continued to play on my own, so I kept the "ear" for it. I got an acoustic guitar at about age 9 and took one Summer of lessons years later -- again, preferring to play by ear. I also took up drums at about age 13 and had a garage band with my brother and a couple friends, but I never got all that good at drums. In  high school, some classmates and I formed a pop-rock band in which I played organ and rhythm guitar. We became our school favorite (you've gotta like your own team). In college, I joined a five-some rock group with some local talent. I still marvel at their abilities which I captured on tape way back then. After college, I helped two friends build a 24-track recording studio where I did all audio equipment installation and maintenance, all the lighting and electrical wiring, plus some recording engineering and a few sessions as a studio musician. I learned a lot about the recording industry at that time -- and how hard it is to "make it" as a professional musician. (I kept my day job, needless to say.) I subsequently served as keyboardist in two Christian bands, one of which, Chuck Snow and Friends, released a vinyl LP. I continued to act as a part-time recording engineer and sound man. I got into MIDI sequencing in the late 80s, and began to assemble a small home-based studio setup where I recorded musical ideas which had been running around in my head for years. Thus my two CDs, One For The Asking and Think Twice. In 1999 I acquired a pedal steel guitar and worked my way up to being just "ok". (Here's my best session work.) In 2001 I was recruited into an ad-hoc church event band that later became The Iconics that covers 50s and 60s pop/rock hits. In more recent times, I joined another group called The Snarky Cats that plays more in the blues/rock tradition.

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