Chuck Snow and Friends

Chuck Snow & Friends was a band formed in 1984 around the Messianic music ministry of Chuck Snow. The band recorded one LP, My Light And My Salvation, and performed at churches and benefit concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years. The original members were Chuck Snow (singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar), Randy McGowan (bass), Jim Liptak (drums, piano), Mark Russell (drums), and Bill Llewellyn (keyboards). Other members later involved with the group were Jymme Foote (drums, percussion) and KC Cohea [sp?] (sax player). The group disbanded when Chuck and his family moved to London to head a Messianic congregation.

Here are three full-length tracks from the LP in 128kbps MP3 format:

Copies of the Chuck Snow & Friends album are available on CD, cassette, and LP. Please send me a note if you are interested.

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